Alliance Technical Support Services have completed hundreds of installations. We have also technically supported and advised on many projects for our customers.

Over the past 10 years, Alliance has formed strategic partnerships with leading companies in IT sector. Our partner organisations are in our eyes, the companies who have consistantly provided the highest quality of product, customer service and after-sales support. Our relationships with these organisations allow us to procure IT and communications hardware and software at extremely competitive prices. For details of some products that we can supply, please visit our products section.

These relationships also allow us access to some of the world's leading technicians meaning that on any project or installation, our technicians are fully supported by the experts that have developed and manufactured the products that form the cornerstones of your IT infrastructure.


Business Installations

Including but not limited to: Servers, Laptops, Desktops, Network Peripherals, IP Cameras, Telephone Systems, Full Networks, Cabling, Routers and Switches.

Specialist Project Support

We provide specialist advice to help you with the ICT related aspects of your projects that your company is involved in / managing.

Software Roll-outs

Wanting to upgrade all of your staff to Windows 7 but you just don't have the time? We can help you with all software rollouts; from upgrades to new applications, we can even competitatively source the most suitable licenses for you.

UK Office moves / relocations

Computers and IT related equipment can make an office move extremely stressful. We can provide a fulll IT systems moving service for you, be on hand to help you get set up in your new office, or anywhere in between.

Company and Office Merges

When companies or offices merge, you may find you have problems different domain names, email addresses and duplication of equipment. You may also have mix-match licensing and find yourselves with insufficient licenses to run the software you require. We can help with our Merging Services.

Specialist Installs

From virtualisation to email archiving, we can work with you to help you achieve the best solution for your requirements.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to obtain a quote.