IT has grown exponentially in the critical business functions of an organisation. The demands placed on the infrastructure now far exceed the initial requirements for sending emails and writing documents. As a result, businesses need to have strategic plans which protect their IT infrastucture and therefore their businesses, for example Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Asset Management systems. Equally, external business influences now make demands on companies which may be above the either the technical ability of the in house IT department ir may just stretch the IT resources too thinly to complete. For example, many Insurance companies now demand that critical business data is not only backed up at certain intervals, but this data is also stored off-site. For organisations not currently backing up their data, this task can be extremely daunting.

With so many new policies, requirements, processes and tasls required of the modern IT department, it is often difficult to find the time to implement the correct strategies for your business. Alliance Technical Support Services has a team of engineers and staff who are experienced in guiding you through the processes and policies you are now required to have.


Tested Disaster Recovery Plans:

Disaster Recovery is the process by which a company recovers access to their hardware, software and data following the event of a disaster. We can help you write, test and implement a plan which ensures that your business functions can be resumed as fast as possible.

Full ICT Audits

Many companies have a vast amount and range of ICT equipment, often on many sites. It can be a difficult task to track them all down and record their existance and specifications. Our ICT Audit takes this pressure from you. We will find and record all of your assets and provide you with a report on completion.

Asset Management Systems

Following an ICT Audit, you may wish to keep on top of all of your assets. You may also like to monitor and record updates, operating systems and users. We can implement a system within your organisation which allows your IT department to do this. Alternatively we offer a fully managed system where we can manage this for you entirely, providing you with a bi-annual report of your assets and detailed specifications.

Cloud Services Migrations

Cloud Services are very popular at the moment. Here at Alliance we have investigated in great detail the advantages and disadvantages to different sizes and types of companies wishing to migrate. We can assess the potential cost implications in terms of initial investments and ongoing running costs against keeping/investing in your own in house IT equipment and provide you with specialist advice as to whether it is right for you and your organisation.

Green IT and Corporate Social Responsibilties

In organisations which have a large IT infrastructure, up to 50% of their electricity costs can be associated with cooling and powering their IT equipment. We can evaluate your current infrastructure and provide you with recommendations as to how to save money and to help save the environment.

Internal Staff Training Plans

The IT industry is one of the fastest evolving industries which means its is increasingly difficult to ensure that your in house IT staff have the correct training to efficiently carry out their roles. We can assess your current staff training levels and provide you with recommended areas of improvement.


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