What do you charge per hour?
Our engineer's onsite- support rates are charged at a maximum rate (during normal working hours and days) although our maintenance contracts are based on a lower hourly rate and packages can be agreed for longer term projects or support requirements. Our rates for remote and telephone support per hour are lower. We understand that business’s come in different sizes, have different requirements of their IT infrastructure and the number of employees varies. We therefore can tailor contracts and agreed rates to suit your needs. Please contact us for further information.

Are all of your engineers qualified? What are they qualified in?
Our engineers hold a wide range of qualifications including Microsoft, Dell, VMware and security qualifications. We do feel however that experience is often as important as paper qualifications and as a result all of our staff undertake an extensive in-house induction and continuous training programme. Not only are our engineers trained to a high standard and are MCPs (Microsoft Certified Professionals) but our Operations and Sales & Marketing staff all undertake both sales and technical training to ensure that they are continuously up to date with current technology.

Do your support contracts cover my whole network, including switches and routers?
Generally network maintenance and administration is key to the efficient working of your system and therefore our Best Practice Principles include the need to have your network supported by the same providor as the rest of your IT infrastructure. This ensured that everything is managed as an entire solution and works together. Our contracts are designed to support everything on your system

Do you do on-site support?
We offer an Emergency Call out service for new customers, and weinclude onsite Service Level Agreements and/or regular onsite time in our maintenance contracts. We can provide remote and telephone support only as part of a maintenance and support package, but we feel it is essential that all our customers know that if they need us to come to their site, that we will be there and how fast.

Do you provide just remote and telephone support?
Yes, Alliance can provide you remote and telephone support in a number of ways. We have an ad-hoc support service for new customers, we can do just remote and telephone support as a support and maintenance contract, we can include remote and telephone support as part of our complete support package or we can provide you with a completely outsourced IT helpdesk.

Can you provide 24/7, 365 days support?
We do not provide this as standard to our customers, as most businesses do not require such a high coverage. We believe that it helps to make our services better value by only charging our customers for what they actually need. However, we are aware that with many businesses now having offices, departments and customers in other countries, there is an increasing need for systems to be working any time of the day or night, or any day of the year. We can provide 24/7, 365 day support but this needs to be prearranged and agreed with Alliance. Please contact our sales team for details of charges for this service.

Can I call an engineer directly or is there an answering service?
If you have support contract you will be given a dedicated engineer and they can be contacted on their mobile. If you do not have a support contract but require support, please call on 01926 338822 and we can either put you through to an engineer or have one call you back.

What are the advantages of outsourcing part or all of my IT rather than keeping it in house?
Finding, keeping and managing the right IT resources is time consuming and expensive. Keeping staff up to date with the latest developments involves time away from core operations,and involves costly training. By outsourcing your IT support, you are guaranteed access to experienced, skilled and professional staff with a wealth of knowledge to manage your IT investments and keep systems up to date and reliable. You do not have to deal with sickness, holidays or unexpected absenses. We will provide you with an engineer when we say we will, no matter what.

Can I keep part of my IT infrastructure in-house?
Alliance offers a range of service levels and options which enable us to provide as much or as little IT support as you require. We work very successfuly with many companies who have an inhouse it function; from a single IT technician to an entire support desk. We can provide specialist advice and support in areas where your staff may not be as highly trained as our technicians. We can also provide resources on a daily or ongoing basis to manage peak workloads, skills shortages and planned periods of absence through our Temporary Staff Service (avaliable to contract customers only) and we can offer project assistance for a specified timescale.

Do you agree support contracts based on my company's individual needs or does 'one-size fit all'?
Here at Alliance, we know that one-size NEVER fits all. Everything from age and specification of equipment, company size, industry sector, in house IT resources and company plans for the future impact what the requirements are of the IT systems and the amount of support and maintenance it needs.

What are your service level agreements?
We can offer guaranteed response times to you as our customer, whether this is for remote support or onsite. Generally we have two levels; One for Servers and one for desktops although certain mission critical desktops can be included in the higher priority server SLA if preagreed. These SLAs ensure the minimum amount of downtime for an issue and give you a guarantee as to when we will be with you.

We generally provide support services through standard business hours and days (unless otherwise agreed). We can provide extended hours, weekends and bank holiday cover if requried.

I am thinking of switching to using Alliance as my support providor but I am worried about the transition.
We have a tried and tested transition process that minimises any risks related to changing service provider. We invest a great deal of time up-front in analysis and reviewing any current issues. This analysis gives us an induction to your systems current configuration and capability and allows us to carry out any remedial work and make recommendations for improvements.

Do Alliance provide hardware and software?
Alliance can provide hardware and software as part of a solution, acting as a single point of contact and responsibility for managing the assets through their lifecycle. Alliance can help you decide what options suit your business best. We can also provide you with competitive pricing due to our partnerships with leading vendors. If you are looking to just purchase Hardware or Software from Alliance, this can also be arranged.

What if my organisation changes in size? Is my contract flexible?
We carry out regular review meetings with our customers and adjust the contract to the requirements of the company. If changes occur between these meetings that affect your contract, you can contact our team and arrange an earlier review at any time.

Why should I choose Alliance?
We believe that our combination of experience, technical excellence and quality of service places us in the forefront of IT Support solutions. In addition, we are accredited by some of the world's leading IT vendors, and we are committed to attracting and retaining the best IT professionals in the business.

What is the procedure for initiating the provision of Alliance's services?
The first step is to get in touch with as much information as possible about your requirements. You can do this using our enquiry form, emailing us at support@alliance.uk.net, or by telephoning us on 01926 338822. If you are unsure of your requirements don’t worry, our expert staff can talk you through what we offer and help you to decide which solutions will best suit your business requirements. Following this initial dicussion, we will arrange a mutually agreeable time for one of our team to come and visit your company. During this visit we would hope to assess your requirements, current system and what you would like from us. We can also answer any questions you may have. This assessment provides us with the infomation we require to provide you a quote for our services. .

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