All of Alliance's services are built around a set of best practice principles which we have proudly nurtured and developed for over 14 years. We have used our direct experience in the industry, and taken valuable customer feedback to ensure that these principles provide guarantee and accountability for our services.

We regularly assess our staff from a technical level through internal and external examinations. To ensure that our customer service and satisfaction is at its highest, we regularly utilise Microsoft's Customer Satisfaction Survey available to us through our partnership. This allows customers to rate us anonymously. See our latest results here.


As much as we would love to go into great detail about our principles, we would rather not openly advertise them on our website. They represent a great deal of hard work to us and unfortunately we have noticed that parts of our website have started appearing on other IT companies pages.

We are happy to discuss our Best Practice principles with you in person, and would love the opportunity to show you how they can improve your IT infrastructure, business processes and general staff satisfaction.