As part of our Microsoft Gold Partnership, we are required to undertake Customer Service Satisfaction Surveys. Please see below for the results from our last survey period. The results speak for themselves!

Interpreting Key Performance Indicators 

NSAT is the Net Satisfaction score: a standard way for measuring customer satisfaction.  Achieving a score higher than 100 indicates that a greater proportion of customers are satisfied than dissatisfied, while a score of less than 100 signals the opposite.  The higher the NSAT, the more satisfied the customer base.

Customer Loyalty Segmentation classifies customers into four categories:  Champions, Moral Supporters, Captives and Rebels.  The score shown on the Dashboard represents the percent of customers who are Champions, or best customers.  A high proportion of Champions signifies a customer base that advocates your company and expects to continue doing business with you. 

Revenue Impact measures customers’ potential future purchase levels. The score shown in the Dashboard indicates the percent of customers who say their purchase levels will be the same or higher, assuming performance remains the same as it is now.

Loyalty is a composite index that incorporates customer satisfaction, likelihood to recommend the company to friends or colleagues, likelihood to purchase from us again, and perceptions of the competitive advantage provided by our company.  The higher the Loyalty Index, the more likely your customers will continue to come to you for their needs.

Overall Performance indicates the percent of your customers that consider your overall performance outstanding or exemplary (i.e., they rate your company’s performance an 8 or 9 on a 9-pt. scale)