Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide robust and reliable technology solutions that will achieve our customers’ business objectives.


Company History

Alliance Technical Support Services was founded in 2002 by Managing Director, Ian Jackson. Previously Ian worked as an independent IT consultant specialising in Microsoft products and network infrastructure.

Frustrated at the lack of affordable infrastructure support, Alliance was launched with the primary goal as a Microsoft Partner to supply high level Microsoft support to companies at a cost effective price. This was an early success in the arena of IT outsourcing which has been adopted as the standard way to operate in many companies today.

In 2010, Alliance pursued a number of partnerships with leading IT vendors and gained Microsoft Gold Partner and Dell, Cisco, Mobotix and Avaya partnerships. These partnerships allow us to provide hardware, software and IP products to our customers at competitive prices. They also provided us with access to training and qualifications for staff. This move enabled Alliance to provide a much more holistic and inclusive service to our customers, where they have one point of call for all of their IT and communications needs.


A Little about Alliance

Alliance Technical Support Services Ltd is a leading supplier of premier flexible IT services and solutions specialising in IT support and outsourcing, IT Projects and Installations and Compliance and Disaster Recovery.

We have 10 years experience in designing, implementing and supporting IT solutions for all sizes of businesses . Our ethos is based on a solid foundation of customer service excellence, best practice and highly qualified and motivated staff. We have a wide range of experience, allowing us to provide innovative solutions and resolve issues quickly and effectively. Our aim is to provide robust and reliable technology solutions that will achieve your business objectives.

Developing long term partnerships with our customers and offering solutions which will significantly enhance their business performance, Alliance aims to be the Midlands’s leading supplier of IT support and outsourced services.